arm party

I am a big believer in the more jewelry, the better.  At any given time, you won’t find me rocking less than 5 bracelets and it has been this way since I was old enough to play with lanyard. (for those of you born after 1990,

You are never too young to start stacking up.  My niece, Norah, is growing up to be a mini me and sports rainbow-loom bracelets all the way up to her elbow.  I like to think I have set a good example.  (Norah is 7 years old and has moved on from her love of Justin Bieber to a One Direction obsession.  Her tastes mirror the rest of pop culture, it seems.)

Every bracelet pictured above also holds a special meaning for me.  The Hermes bracelet was a gift from my fiancé on my 27th birthday and while the H stands for Hermes, it will also be the first letter of the last name I adopt come 2015.  The glorious rose gold Michael Kors watch was a gift from my most amazing family when I graduated from law school.  (someone should have told me then that the corporate world blows.)  And last, but certainly not least, the “tothemoon” bracelet, which I haven’t taken off since it was gifted to me by my very best friend, reminds me of the epic times we had in Houston before she moved across the country. (not bitter at all)   All of these baubles hold a special place in my heart and whether I am in a suit or jeans and hoodie, these pieces remind me of those most important to me.  It’s an added bonus that bracelets add a little bit of sparkle to my corporate attire.  I may be a lawyer but I know I will never be just a “SUIT”. (*shudder*) So, go on, don’t be afraid to start stacking.  The more the better.
“H” Bracelet:
Michael Kors Watch:
“tothemoon” Bracelet:

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