hump day happiness

Wednesdays are the worst. You aren’t close enough to the weekend to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Monday and Tuesday 8-5 have officially taken their toll, Wednesday AM workouts at Bella Body could be classified as attempted murder, traffic for some reason is always at its worst, and a nap would be great.

The silver lining: PITBULL concert ticket pre-sale starts TODAY! Amyna wore neon to AM workout in honor. Mental prep has begun for the happiest dance party on earth! Modern Family is a new episode tonight. And at 5 pm, only two days until the weekend officially starts. 2 days is a much more survivable goal.

I always try and wear an evil eye accessory, but Wednesdays I double up (just to be safe). I also never leave my Texas bracelet behind. Here is my evil eye bracelet selection of the day:

Evil Eye Bracelet

And my Texas bracelet:

Texas Bracelet

I had to do a double take at the prices on, but they are correct! And no shock, it was not hard at all to meet the free shipping limit. I figured why not try it out for these prices; it wouldn’t be a huge investment loss if it was a bust. I received my products in 4 days, since they are also located in Houston, Texas. I still wear them all. The Texas clasp came loose, so I am going to invest in another to be safe. Actually I will probably stock up and buy at least 4.

7 hours until Modern Family.

Happy Hump Day!


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