Weddings & Wind Machines

Recently, Ro and I traveled to Florida to attend the gorgeous wedding of Aileen & Marty. Weddings are my absolute favorite events to celebrate because you get to see two people who are over the moon in love on the happiest day of their lives.

yellow dress 3

yellow dress
You get to be there to help them celebrate and you have the opportunity to test out how waterproof your mascara actually is when the couple exchanges vows.  This wedding was NO different – Aileen & Marty had a beautiful ceremony on the beach followed by an epic celebration in the Sandpearl Resort. I am not sure I ever left the dance floor and am almost positive I taught the other guests how to dougie. Needless to say, the wedding was unforgettable and Ro and I were so thrilled we were able to escape the Texas heat to celebrate with one of our favorite couples.

I can’t lie to y’all – I chose this chartreuse dress to highlight a pair of Kate Spade earrings I had purchased in April. As Kathryn mentioned, that’s how we roll here at Sud-Dhara. And no, that’s not absurd at all.  The moment I saw this BCBG dress, I knew it was the perfect blend of beachy casual and wedding fanciful. I also knew that in order to do this dress justice, I had to procure a wind machine (luckily the breeze at Clearwater Beach on May 10 did the trick.  However, I am still in the market for the aforementioned machine b/c I am a firm believer it has the ability to make you look more glamorous. If you don’t believe me, watch any Beyonce music video). In all honesty, I have never worked harder for a dress. With the help of my most amazing tailor, I learned more than I wanted to know about the construction of a dress, why zippers on the side are a BAD IDEA when taking something in, and why it is very expensive to be 5’3.  She somehow worked her magic in less than a week, and with my accessories already picked out (see why it’s good to shop for a dress AROUND accessories you love), packing was a breeze.  Details on the entire outfit and where to buy are below – BUT, fair warning – this dress will cause a slight obsession with all things neon.  For example, I recently spotted this and determined it was a must have in lemon:

Wedding season is now upon us and if you are like me and live on the dance floor, I promise this is the dress for you.  The draping is most flattering – especially when you are dancing the night away, and the vibrant color ensures your significant other can find you in a sea of people (if, unlike you, he is not a dance machine).  I made it all the way to the end of the night in these zara shoes I can’t stop obsessing over and now everyone at the CHANGDOLINO wedding knows how to dougie.  Well, those who were paying attention.



Since I have talked about my love of dancing quite a bit in this post, it would be remiss of me not to include a photo of us in action:

yellow dress 5
I apologize to Rohan & Jaideep in advance

Dress (ON SALE):

Earrings (ON SALE!):

Shoes (ALSO ON SALE!):


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