Crops & Angles

It is officially summertime and I am very much excited about what that means for us in Texas:  extremely high temperatures and watermelon freezes from the Teahouse.

Seriously, if you live in Houston and haven’t been to the Teahouse, you MUST try it out.  Ro and I spent many a day studying for the Bar in its alcoves and tasted almost every drink on their extensive menu.  In retrospect, that was a very expensive habit (sorry, Mom & Dad) but a very delicious way to survive studying sessions.  It also made the oppressive Texas heat more bearable.  Let’s not forget I am from Chicago and anything above 90 degrees in June is considered to cause heat stroke.  Also, I am very dramatic when it comes to extreme temperatures.  I blame my Dad.

Dressing for this weather is no easy task and many days I just want to rock my gym clothes all day long because changing into “real clothes” seems too exhausting (I think this is totally acceptable on Sundays).  I would have taken this approach Saturday while curling up to watch Stomp the Yard (I consider Stomp the Yard to be a classic, like Selena.  It’s almost sacrilegious to change the channel when it graces the television screen) but Ro suggested we get out of the house for “date night” and stop being so lame.  Fair point.

With comfort in mind – because who knows what adventures Ro had planned – and my desire to delve into my closet to find something new, I came up with my outfit for the evening.  I was also over-heating from the hairdryer so it had to be a quick decision and you really can’t go wrong with jeans and a white top – especially in the summertime.

I am one who loves to follow trends and crop tops are the new sliced bread.  If you’re like me and are afraid to live by the mantra, “sun’s out, tummies out”, this crop top from Nordstrom is for you.  The delicate lace showcased my hard work at Bella’s studio but still allowed me the room to sample multiple flat-breads during dinner.  I paired the top (which reminded me of my mom’s flower-child days in Chicago, IL) with awesome high-waisted James Jeans that seem to never lose their stretch or their shape.  I refer to them now as my “miracle jeans”.  I promise, you will too.

Also, as a side note, my camera skills leave something to be desired in this post and you can’t see the gorgeous back of this top, which features gold buttons.  I am also shoe-less, which I like to think adds to my bohemian feel but is really just a reflection of my excitement to take photos of my ootd before completing the look.  I vow to work on these things and capture the accessories in future posts.  #workinprogress.



Bangles (similar):

***I am both terrified and in awe of the things you can find on amazon.  I was able to snag the aforementioned James Jeans on amazon for a major discount.  That is what my Dad likes to refer to as “bringing the package home”.

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