Whiteout | Romper Edition

Adorable childhood photos, that were at one time embarrassing, and now a staple item in the photo collections we proudly show. When I say I was possibly the craziest dressed child (thanks mom, or did I pick this?), the clown suit is PROOF that I am not lying in the slightest.


I’m the adorable child in the clown suit, if you didn’t know. Although, I do appreciate the fashion forward attempts of my mother to put me in a jumper, that started my love for all things romper-esque at an early age. And when I say I was possibly the cutest kid, I also am not lying.


Amyna has been blessed with awesome hair (check the bangs) and a sense of fashion (check the pose) since the beginning. ADORABLE (Amyna, thank your mom).


Bangs courtesy of a trim from her big sis over the toilet in order to eliminate clean-up.  I informed Amyna that we would do this outside growing up so that the hair could just blow away. Both effective. One more country than the other. Kids DON’T try this at home.

As a homage to my romper love from childhood to adulthood, and the popular whiteout trend happening, here is my pick of the week:


Whether you are rocking the polka-dot jumper (you can even make a clown suit sound sophisticated with the right choice of words), or a side pony-tail, style is what you make it! Feel free to comment about how adorable we were or how much you must have this romper this season, and be sure to follow us!



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