Summer, Summer, Summertime…

I don’t know about all of you, but I like to live my life according to Will Smith lyrics.

Ok, that’s a lie, not my entire life and not all Will Smith songs but his collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff on “Summertime” did, in fact, inspire this post. Truth.  The heat in Texas is OUT OF CONTROL and most of the time, putting on pants seems like WAY too much work (though if you read my previous posts, you will see I feel like that in all seasons and especially on Sunday).

I never wear shorts (I know, hard to believe) but now that I am a Texan, I must embrace cultural tradition, and in the summer, that means a trusty pair of denim shorts.  Kathryn was shocked when I told her I don’t own a pair.  She was even more shocked that I do not own a bathing suit but that’s a whole other story for a whole other blog post.

I had so much trouble finding a pair of denim shorts that aren’t heavy, bulky, or constricting but a trip to the outlets changed all that.  These shorts are SO soft and insanely comfortable. They are also easy on the wallet, which makes it easier to take a risk & venture outside of your comfort zone.  I paired them with a classic boyfriend button-up from J.Crew Factory in order to achieve a look my brother-in-law likes to refer to as “profesh-cas”.  That could stand for professional or professor, but I’d like to think it’s the latter.  I also am a firm believer that when you are showing a lot of leg, you should likely cover up on top, but you do you.

Again, note that I am shoe-less.  I mentioned before I am a work in progress, and to be fair, all my shoes are in the living room – I kick them off the moment I walk in the door.  I promise to improve on this front because my shoe game is right up there with my accessory game.  ALSO, my lovely family has gifted me a professional camera to celebrate the “ROMYNA” engagement so better quality photos are on the way.  We’re moving on up!

Sidenote – I listened to the song that inspired this post and it brought me back to an awesome time full of dance parties and cruising around Chicago listening to B96.  I wouldn’t want to deprive all of you of that experience so, for your viewing pleasure:



Shoes (not pictured): (We should probably try and support Brazil as much as possible and these are the most comfortable flip-flops EVER.  You heard it here first).

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