“I Left My Heart in San Francisco”

After much delay, and MANY tears, I am finally ready to share with all of you the epicness that was Lena & Matt’s wedding.  

As I mentioned in Weddings and Wind Machines, weddings are my absolute favorite.  Not just because of the crazy dance battles (more on that later…) but because you are invited to gather together with friends and family to witness the magic when two people, who are perfect for one another, as Lena & Matt are, say “I do” in front of everyone that they love.  It’s even more special when you are asked to be a part of that special day, to stand beside the bride as she says her vows – trying EXTREMELY hard not to sob unattractively during the entire ceremony.

I have known Lena since we were both 13.  She helped me survive braces, wire-frame glasses, platform boots, a weird Polo obsession, frizzy hair, high school boyfriends, high school heartbreak, dance parties in the Student Center, a failed bread theft scheme in the dining hall, and a short-lived, albeit passionate obsession with the WWE (aka the WWF in those days).  We grew up together, sisters from other misters – we counseled each other through existential crises after college graduation, laughed until we cried, shopped until we were broke and listened to way too much Petey Pablo (do not judge us until you listen to our Sixth form Anthem).  She is the most talented person I have ever known, and her strength, illustrated in every situation she encounters, is both baffling and awe-inspiring.  She is also a trendsetter – risking into the unknown territory of transforming scarves into tube tops when we were only 16.  How do you know if something works if you don’t try it?!  This motto led to our fashion evolution and is one I live by to this very day.

I learned a few things during the wedding that I wanted to share with all of you:

1. Tony Bennett has a way with words.

2. Pack EXTRA sweaters for upcoming trips to San Francisco.

3. Lena is really quite talented at freestyle rap (I’d like to think this rubbed off on her during various tutorials with me on influential game changers in rap).

4. Lena & Matt have awesomely talented friends as well – at their reception, Patrick Wolf, of the band Goodnight, Texas, sang a special song for the newlyweds, which I can now not stop listening to on repeat.  I may or may not start sobbing uncontrollably every time I hear it because it reminds me of the pure & unfiltered happiness of everyone celebrating the happy couple and the permanent smiles on Matt & Lena’s faces (have tissues handy)

5. Middlesex vs. Groton dance-offs are always a MUST – see below for photo evidence.

6. San Francisco hills and 5 inch heels do not go hand in hand.  San Francisco hills and booties, now that’s another story.

Penthouse living
Bridesmaid selfie – LOVE these girls
The GORGEOUS bride – refueling was necessary
The first dance
Our obligatory selfie – I may have a problem. The struggle is real folks.
Middlesex vs. Groton
The dance party continues…
The twist – a little bit softer now
dance party lighting – we never left the dance floor. SHOCKER.
“ain’t nobody fresher than my clique”
Rehearsal dinner dress – again shoeless but booties are linked below. PROMISE!

Lena & Matt, I love you more than words can say. Truth.

Bridesmaid Dress/Bar Necklace/Rehearsal Dinner Dress(similar)/Long-Sleeved Version/Booties/Skinny Bow Belt

2 thoughts on ““I Left My Heart in San Francisco”

  1. unnati

    You look gorgeous as usual! Speaking of booties, can you do a post on boots? I am looking for a good pair brown boots. Thank you!!! 🙂


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