Ankle Straps are the New Black

Today is my 29th birthday – the last good birthday before I turn the big 3-0.  Birthdays are always a time of reflection and since I am not spending this year crying in the shower (reserving that activity for next year), I have been thinking a lot about my friends, my family, and how much has changed since I was splashing around in the inflatable pool in my parents’ front yard.  See below for photo evidence.



Though I have grown up quite a bit since these photos were taken, some things remain the same – I still get giddy when I go home to visit the family, my hair is still uncontrollably curly, this is about the deepest water I will ever venture into, and I still think one piece swimsuits are the bomb.  You heard it here first.

I used to think I always looked fresh to death but a recent trip down memory lane proved otherwise.  For example,  I used to be convinced my hair was not, in fact, curly, and I spent hours attempting to master the hair dryer, losing all feeling in my fingertips, only to end up with frizzy, triangle-shaped, helmet hair.  Velour platform shoes were also in trend back then (it was the 90’s folks) and I spent years collecting them in various colors.  I recently uncovered the remnants of these in my closet and was so disappointed in myself for being swayed to this very dark and dangerous place.   Right above those velour platforms was an unhealthy number of t-shirts emblazoned with an alliterative play on the names of each and every member of the once-popular boy band, O-Town.  Truth.  All these discoveries made me want to  hide in the very closet I uncovered them in.  But, since I am getting older now, and supposedly wiser, I decided to hold my head up high and try to take something meaningful away from this enlightening trip down memory lane.  What I uncovered was that through my fashion evolution, I have always stayed true to what I loved – even when what I loved wasn’t really in style (this obviously hasn’t changed, evidenced by my  pure, unfiltered, and widely advertised love of Pitbull).  This concept was recently cemented in the form of a fortune cookie (take the wisdom where you can find it y’all – it’s rare and few and far between) – be yourself & you will always be in fashion.

As I have gotten older, I have realized the beauty in simplicity and the importance of having comfortable and flattering separates to mix and match.  This outfit is quintessentially me – right now at least – casual, chic and a little bit of edge.  You can’t really go wrong with black skinnies, a breezy tank, and ankle strap flats.  The jeans make for a good foundation for any outfit – pair them with a chambray button down or a comfy, oversized sweater and a leather jacket for fall – which I really hope is approaching soon for us down here in Texas.  This Topshop tank can also be mixed with white shorts for the summer BBQs we are all trying to squeeze in before cooler temperatures hit.

ankle straps are the new black
photo 3
but black is still black

Jeans/Tank/Purse/Shoes (similar)

It is very possible that one day I will look back on my 20s in horror and curse myself for making terrifying fashion choices but one thing I will know, even when I turn 30, is I was always true to myself and to what I loved.  So, in fact, maybe I was right about always looking fresh to death.

2 thoughts on “Ankle Straps are the New Black

  1. Unnati

    30 is not bad! I crossed that bridge this year and it was not bad at all. I totally agree with evolution of fashion. These days I tend to think about quality of quantity. I bet you rocked Velour platforms just like how you are rocking these d’orsay flats!!


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