Like a G6

We are traveling to Aspen this weekend for Kate’s wedding and though the prospect of cooler temperatures terrifies me, it also inspired me to put together a few of my fall favorites.
Lord knows we won’t see fall in the great state of Texas until November so I am relishing the chance to delve into the depths of my closet to uncover some oldies but goodies.  I will likely be wearing some variation of this outfit the ENTIRE weekend, which should make packing a breeze!
I am digging the ear cuff lately and have purchased about 3, very different cuffs (Ro, I promise they are VERY different and I needed ALL of them) from Bauble Bar to make me look WAY edgier than I really am.  These Sole Society booties will keep my toes warm while also adding a little “Colorado Casual” flair (I just learned about this term from the bride herself and was happy to hear that I already have attire that fits in this dress code – thank you DAD!)  I also have been taking this new leather jacket with me EVERYWHERE since it was gifted to me by my most amazing family.  It is most definitely an everyday essential and is helping with that whole “edgy” vibe I referenced earlier.
What are your favorites for fall?  Tell us in the comments below!
P.S. I am running out of song lyrics related to flying the friendly skies & looking fly but, in a moment of pure genius, I uncovered this hidden gem for today’s blog inspiration. 2010 was such a good year.

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