In high school, I was a badass.  I was a member of the winter conditioning team, which consisted of long runs outside, braving both snow and rocky terrain.  I know what y’all are thinking – that is absolutely not something I would voluntarily sign up for.  Did I forgot to mention that we got a free hoodie?  See, it’s all making sense now.

Since those cold blustery days in Groton, Massachusetts, I have tried countless workout plans.  Billy Blanks and I were besties, I toyed with becoming a Zumba instructor for a hot minute and I once almost died at hot yoga class.  True story.  Since I can remember, I have been on the search for a workout that I loved and could motivate myself to get up and do. Consistently. The pull of the couch, fuzzy blankets and cheese fries is STRONG y’all.  As you know, a good beat and a killer wardrobe are two of my greatest inspirations.  Enter Spotify and Nike.

A few months ago, while I sat on the floor of my apartment attempting to delay my inevitable morning run, I watched an advertisement released by Nike.  I was mesmerized.  The ad features the ultimate Indian girl squad doing what they love – playing sports.  Each girl featured embodies such fierceness and it is impossible to ignore the passion they have for the art of sport and movement.  I was struck by how powerful and simply put, badass, each athlete was and it ignited something in me.  Damn it Nike, you’ve done it again.  WATCH IT HERE & TRY NOT TO BE INSPIRED.

I don’t think anyone would describe me as an athlete.  Hand-eye coordination is not really my thing and when I was encouraged to play sports in high school, I stuck to things like the step team (Stomp the Yard perfectly captures my unrealized dream of winning a national step championship and I am fully convinced that I would have gotten there had I kept with it), the dance team and crew – because anyone can row a boat, right?!  Because I never quite found what I was good at, nothing really stuck and I gave up on trying to be an athlete.  But, after I watched this video and saw these girls fight and work relentlessly to get stronger and be better than they were the day before, I realized that being an athlete simply means getting up and moving.  Every day.  Without fail.  Just try.

So, I peeled my lazy butt off the floor, laced up my shoes and quickly added this song to my Workout Twerkout playlist.  Every morning when I listen to it during my warm-up, I remind myself to push myself and GO HARD.  Major key alert.  Don’t count me out as an athlete just yet y’all!  Let’s just take a moment to focus on how to look fresh to death while achieving your full athletic potential shall we?

Every now and again, Nike has a crazy sale on their outerwear.  I know it doesn’t reach tundra-like temperatures in Houston, Texas but I am ALWAYS cold so when I saw this comfortable zip up on their website, I knew I needed it in my life.  AND, it has a hood – I am a sucker for all things hoodie.  If I could, I would wear them all day every day.  Ro has a similar affinity for hoodies and chose to rock one on our second date – I knew then that we were soul mates.


I am also into the whole monotone neutral look so these grey-tone New Balances were right up my alley – if you look closely, you’ll notice they sparkle.  Even if you’re not into the morning workout, these will make you get up and get to work.  PROMISE.  High-waisted leggings should be in your closet already – they are literally a godsend and if you don’t already have a few pairs, you are really missing out on the wonders of life.

Quick recap – listen to this song, lace up your new kicks tight, pull up your leggings, tighten your ponytail and GO.  Let’s do it together.


hat(i heart you Jameis Winston)/hoodie(similar)/tank(similar)/leggings/kicks/fitbit/bracelet




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