SO sorry for being MIA friends but I had to survive tax season before getting back to all things shiny and pretty.  I haven’t really been feeling myself lately as I have been rocking my hair on top of my head for the last month and successfully hiding behind my larger than life Tory Burch tortoiseshell frames.  I do have my eye on this Tom Ford pair so I can switch up my game a bit AND look fresh to death while inputting numbers into Excel.  Priorities.   I have learned many things this past month – I know an embarrassing amount about pivot tables and Excel formulas, hair really does look healthier when you stop using 59 irons to style it in the morning, dry shampoo has LEGIT saved my life and daylight savings time is the absolute WORST.  I have also really, REALLY missed the outdoors.  Being trapped behind a computer screen since the start of 2017 will do that to you.

I have never really been down with nature unless it involved getting a free hoodie or t-shirt – as evident here.  But, over the weekend, I was determined to get some straight up Vitamin D and feel the sun on my face.  I also felt the need to put on real pants – which never happens on the weekends – and run a brush through my hair.  NO EASY FEAT.  Something about looking like a vagabond for the past month inspired me to get all gussied up.  That’s right – “gussied up” is totally a phrase that is making a comeback.  You heard it here first.  After looking through all the photos that Ro took, I realized I was literally bathed in every piece of gold jewelry I own – GOALS.  Sure, leaning up against a tree and standing amongst the greenery isn’t really what I would define as “getting down” with nature but baby steps for this girl.

Everything about this outfit is so very easy – these SHOES are making another appearance because I seriously have not stopped wearing them since the day they arrived on my doorstep.  You can do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in them – I know you don’t believe me.  How can that be possible you may wonder.  Heels were not meant to be comfortable, in fact, they may be the very reason the phrase “pain is beauty” was born.  But these are magical heels – I promise.  I even wore them during a speed-shopping trip at Zara – if any of you have been there during lunchtime, you know it is absolute chaos and could be defined as a challenging obstacle course fit for an American Ninja.  But, I survived.  In these heels.  And came out with a new pair of embroidered jeans.  WIN.


These baubles – also from Sole Society.  What can I say – I am loyal to the core.  This warrior-inspired statement necklace is giving me all the feels and I am already envisioning 1,263 ways to wear it.  Next up, distressed denim, my favorite white tee from Nordstrom and these new heels that I just impulsively bought.  To be fair, I blame the Nordstrom app.  And my Mom.  When she says you must have something in your closet, it would be wrong and immoral not to listen!


Alright friends – to recap – BUY THESE SHOES.  This post is not sponsored and I am not being paid by Sole Society-promise.  I am just all about sharing game changers that will make your life better and up your swag factor.  Also, you can never have too much gold in your life – just ask the Shahs of Sunset.  P.S. If you aren’t watching that show on Bravo, get to it.  Seriously.

I am leaving on a jet plane tonight for the tundra that is Chicago but I promise, I’ll be back next week with another post in my Workout Twerkout series.  Get it right, get it tight.  To follow along on our Romyna adventures in the Midwest, keep an eye on my #InstaStory – Snapchat is still an enigma.  I am sure that makes me old but I ain’t mad.  I got these heels and baubles, remember?!



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