PITBULL. IS. COMING.  I know – stop what you are doing right now and check his tour dates to see when he is coming to a city near you.  I swear, seeing him perform live is a game changer.  GAME. CHANGER.  If you have been a dedicated reader of this blog since inception, you know that my unabashed love for Pitbull is long-standing and widely known.  Ain’t no shame in my game.

As I mentioned here, one must mentally and physically prepare for the epic dance party that is a Pitbull concert.  This means building up your endurance.  It really isn’t as scary as it sounds, I swear.  And, BONUS, you can rock some Pitbull swag while doing it – as evident below.


Y’all know from my first installment of Workout Twerkout that I have been committed to being more active and trying new things.  Lack of hand-eye coordination be damned.  I was SUPER MOTIVATED in the beginning.  Sparkly tennis shoes and the inspiration of the Nike ad (watch it here) were fueling my workouts and helping me get out of bed in the morning to pound the pavement.  But, after a few weeks, this motivation waned and I kept finding unique ways to avoid my daily 6:00AM workouts.  OK, 6:30AM workouts.  OK, 7AM workouts.  Give a girl a break.  POINT IS, I was going regularly, until one day, I wasn’t.  If there is some magic formula to ensure you stay consistent with eating right and getting tight, please hook a sister up with those words of wisdom.  For me, I have found that changing up the game and finding new ways to M-O-T-I-V-A-T-E is the only way to reach those goals.

Enter Lululemon & Pitbull.  I know, an unlikely combination but nonetheless, a magical one.  When I entered my thirties, I figured perhaps it was time to invest in a good pair of workout leggings.  I came to this realization because I wear leggings ALL DAY EVERY DAY and I thought having a pair that gave the illusion I have my life together was probably necessary.  I was positive these leggings were all HYPE until I tried them on and OH MY GOD, was I wrong.  Y’all, there is hype for a reason – they are everything.  I love a good high waist and they suck in all the jiggles you may or may not have going on.  They are also a dream to workout in and DO NOT MOVE – that’s probably because getting them on is not light work but it’s worth the effort, I promise.   This v-neck, also from Lululemon, is my favorite tee.  It is super soft, can translate from yoga workouts to happy hour and can be worn off-the-shoulder giving it that effortlessly chic vibe.  You know off-the-shoulder tops give me all the feels.

So how does Pitbull fit into the equation?  Snapbacks and his new album, of course! Snapbacks are my new favorite thing to work out in.  First, they make you feel like a badass.  Seriously, I swear I can lift heavier weights when I am wearing one.  Second, there is no such thing as a bad hair day when you are rocking a hat.  GOALS.  Third, now the world knows how loyal of a Pitbull fan I am – no need to shout it from the rooftops.  I have also been listening to Pitbull’s new album on repeat.  Not only does it make me run faster but it also leads to a post-run dance party in my apartment, which I am not mad about.  Sometimes, new workout attire and new beats are all you need to get back on track.  Well, that and the promise of a new GUCCI.  I mean, you gotta do what works for you, right?!






hat/tee (similar)/leggings/fitbit/kicks/sunnies

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