FRIENDS. I know it has been a hot minute and I am so sorry for leaving you hanging.  I think it’s only fair that I catch you up on what we have been up to during Summer Seventeen.  Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Summer Sixteen – Drake truly is a genius – but it was lit nonetheless.  Our summer kicked off with the revival of our wedding tour.  Ro and I traveled to NYC for Alap & Prachi’s wedding.  The weekend was a bit of a blur but I do remember flashes of epic dance parties, hookah bars, gorgeous Indian outfits, late night pizza runs three days in a row – we are nothing if not committed -and uncontrollable laughter with ride-or-die friends.  RAJAS P for life.  For the event, I custom ordered an outfit from and it was everything I imagined and more.  I remember thinking to myself that I needed photo evidence of how breathtaking it was, but we were so busy dancing the night away and addressing my husband’s wardrobe malfunction – kurta pants are no joke – that I came away with not one photo.  Well, not one photo at a good angle!  But, I promise, that is coming your way in the upcoming weeks along with a love note to and why they should be your go-to for your next Indian celebration.  Promise.

In June, we traveled to the great state of Maine for the third year in row and OHMYGOD, it is gorgeous.  We were there for Rachel & Mike’s wedding, although the hotel staff thought we were part of a large Indian family reunion.  Standard.  The weekend was such a blast and we got to spend some quality time with some of my most favorite people on earth.  We stuffed our faces with delicious, buttery lobster rolls and fried artichokes and I never wanted to leave.  I was proud of my anticipatory thinking to bring a loose, flowy dress that not only kept me warm during the chilly evenings in Maine – I am a Texan now and anything under 70 degrees is tundra-like temperatures – but also hid the food baby I was blessed with after eating my way through the Northeast.  GOALS.  Again, the photo game was lacking but I do have one group shot with the clique – evidence below.


Groton Clique

Also.  Pro tip.  If you’re one to be on the dancefloor ALL night long, you need these shoes in your life.  I bought them in nude suede but they have them in 23 different colors and patterns so you do you.

In July & August, our life was consumed with the house search.  I have been watching HGTV on repeat and my current routine is wake-up, browse Redfin, eat, browse Redfin, workout, browse Redfin.  You get the idea.  We did take a quick getaway to Cabo with our besties, Kathryn & Adam, which was a much-needed break filled with tropical beverages and beautiful memories.  As you can probably guess, not many outfit photos from this adventure because it was 1000 degrees and I just wore my “Bout That Lyfe” swimsuit on repeat.

So, as you can tell, Summer Seventeen was a whirlwind but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Some new adventures await us and I cannot wait to share every detail with y’all.  While I was trying to brainstorm my next blog post, it dawned on me that this little blog of mine has evolved beyond simple details about my outfit of the day.  There is so much more about our life that I want to share with you and I promise, not every post will be a novel – props to those still reading!  I am evolving and so is this blog.  In the past, I have waited to post until I could ensure the content was perfect, the ideas were new and fresh and the post stayed true to the mission of  BUT. Turns out, I am a work-in-progress and so is the blog so why not share that with y’all?  Isn’t it fun to be along for the ride?  That way, if it’s a major train wreck, we can brace for impact together! So – long story, short – there are some changes coming to this blog.  If I told you everything, it would ruin the surprise.  Suffice it to say, I am excited and you should be too!  More on this later – I promise.  I love a good cliffhanger.

I realize now I have spent zero time talking about this outfit so let’s get to it.  In April, I promised to share my new impulsive purchase, which upped my shoe game and then I went MIA.  My dad always stresses the importance of keeping a promise so, without further ado:



shoe game

Swoon.  I die for them every time.  Especially with the neon nail polish I have been rocking all summer long.  But, word to the wise – if you have tiny ankles like I do, you may need to have some light work done to the closure.  Normal-sized ankles should be just fine.


Also. This top is everything.  It is SO hot in Houston so lightweight tanks are a necessary item and this one from Topshop gives me all the feels.  It is $30 and I own it in three different colors.  Because.  Options.  I also love that it transitions into fall – throw on a leather jacket or a cozy cardigan and some booties and you’re ready for pumpkin carving and hot apple cider. BaubleBar has also been killing the earring game, and as of late, it is all I am wearing.  I stalked these earrings for months and finally snagged a pair the moment they were restocked.  Persistence is key.

So friends – a quick recap.  Stay tuned for what’s coming next to  Things are about to change around here.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  And while you wait, in what I hope is eager anticipation, use this outfit inspiration to keep you looking fresh to death.  All summer long.



sunnies/earrings/top/denim/shoe game/necklaces

Love you. Mean it.



9 thoughts on “SUMMER SEVENTEEN

  1. Unnati

    Love love love!!! My new obsession is mommy and me outfits. Cheesy? Yes! Do I care? No! I have those nude shoes and I agree, I want them in every color!! Love your blog posts and can’t wait to see what you do next. I hope you find your dream home soon so you can blog about how you decorate it. Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amynaesmail

      Unnati! Definitely not cheesy – I love mommy and me outfits and your munchkito is too cute for words. Aren’t the nude shoes the absolute best? I think you could safely do 4 hours of dandia without needing to kick them off! We cannot wait to share more about the house search and decorating ideas – stay tuned. Thank you for all your support – i LOVE you!


  2. Shamim Esmail

    Enjoyed your blog. Shoes are too fabulous. And that blouse virtually makes me feel cool breezes in the hot baking Texas sun. I look forward to your next one – soon!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aliya Hussaini

    what’s with the non-matching toenails? Am I behind the times yet again? I wouldn’t be surprised. As Norah asks, “How are you and Mimi sisters?!”

    Liked by 1 person

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