This time of year always makes me reminisce about the origins of ROMYNA – for those of you who are first-time readers, this is the badass moniker that friends and family use when referring to me and Ro.  If you don’t know, now you know.  It all started in the reading room of Tulane’s law library in 2008.  I spotted HIG (that was my nickname for him, which stands for Hot Indian Guy – subtlety has never really been my strong suit and I call ‘em like I see ‘em) in the library, furiously studying and pounding energy drinks in his go-to basketball shorts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tee.   Two days later, someone introduced us at a law school sponsored event and that, my friends, was the jump off.

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In high school, I was a badass.  I was a member of the winter conditioning team, which consisted of long runs outside, braving both snow and rocky terrain.  I know what y’all are thinking – that is absolutely not something I would voluntarily sign up for.  Did I forgot to mention that we got a free hoodie?  See, it’s all making sense now.

Since those cold blustery days in Groton, Massachusetts, I have tried countless workout plans.  Billy Blanks and I were besties, I toyed with becoming a Zumba instructor for a hot minute and I once almost died at hot yoga class.  True story.  Since I can remember, I have been on the search for a workout that I loved and could motivate myself to get up and do. Consistently. The pull of the couch, fuzzy blankets and cheese fries is STRONG y’all.  As you know, a good beat and a killer wardrobe are two of my greatest inspirations.  Enter Spotify and Nike.

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Hey Lover.  Yes, I am talking to you – you know that I love my readers fiercely.  Don’t let this freak you out, I use this greeting all the time – I say it to my ride-or-die besties, my bae (That’s you, Rohan) and my family, which they undoubtedly love.  I have always been unabashedly honest about my emotions and wear my heart on my sleeve – ain’t no shame in my game. I can’t, however, take credit for this phrase – that is an honor that is reserved for the one and only LL COOL J.

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You’re now tuned into the mother#^@%*&in greatest – that’s if you did what all the cool kids did last week and entered in your email to get updates from  If you haven’t, you are dead to me.  KIDDING.  But you should probably go ahead and do it now.  I will wait.

This week has NOT been an easy one for this country.  Because this is a fashion and lifestyle blog, I will stick with what I know but I have found inspiration in these words.

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Stripes on Stripes on Stripes (and polka dots)

I, along with a lucky few of you, am allowed to rock casual clothes to work on the daily.  This is quite exhilarating because I love me a pair of jeans (see previous posts for details) but it is also troublesome because my business casual wardrobe is seriously lacking.

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