PITBULL. IS. COMING.  I know – stop what you are doing right now and check his tour dates to see when he is coming to a city near you.  I swear, seeing him perform live is a game changer.  GAME. CHANGER.  If you have been a dedicated reader of this blog since inception, you know that my unabashed love for Pitbull is long-standing and widely known.  Ain’t no shame in my game.

As I mentioned here, one must mentally and physically prepare for the epic dance party that is a Pitbull concert.  This means building up your endurance.  It really isn’t as scary as it sounds, I swear.  And, BONUS, you can rock some Pitbull swag while doing it – as evident below.

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Pitbull. Enough said.

Kathryn’s “Hump Day Happiness” post made me think of two things – camels and Mr. Worldwide.  My obsession with Pitbull (and I don’t use the word “obsession” lightly) started at the House of Blues in New Orleans.

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hump day happiness

Wednesdays are the worst. You aren’t close enough to the weekend to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Monday and Tuesday 8-5 have officially taken their toll, Wednesday AM workouts at Bella Body could be classified as attempted murder, traffic for some reason is always at its worst, and a nap would be great.

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